March 14, 2014

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March 7, 2014

Did he fill the empty spaces? Was he everything I’m not? There’s no force behind my mouth, but in just three words, he brings you down. There’s a movement out of the door, I swear but no, your lips stay perfectly still. 

March 7, 2014

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February 20, 2014

Lol, that’s just funny. 

January 31, 2014

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January 11, 2014

Can’t believe I left that at home. So bloody annoying… :(

Oh well, at least I get one of my xmas presents that’s left when I go back to visit. 

January 10, 2014



what the motherfucking gaga is this?


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January 9, 2014

Going back to University Tomorrow :D

It should be okay- so many bags though, literally cba, might get a cab there- its so pricey though. Oh well, still got that book review to write :( I literally cannot be bothered. It’s so shit… its like- really do I have to do this?? Why is this MARK WORTHY?

Ah well- next post will hopefully be from uni, and knowing me in like 4 months, 

December 11, 2013


i got 99 problems and 97 of them are due by the end of the week

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October 11, 2013

Grandma’s house-

'If there's grass on the wicket, lets play cricket'……


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